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Who wants better breasts?

Summer is upon us, and with it comes bikinis, boob tubes, halter-neck dresses and (if you’re feeling particularly naughty) topless sunbathing. The result? We think about our breasts a whole lot more than we did in July. Read below to find out how to make the most of what Mother Nature gave you!

How do I make my breasts look bigger?

By the time you’re 19, the only way they are going to grow is through surgery, pregnancy, weight gain or the Pill. But you can build up the muscle under your mammary glands to give the illusion of bigger breasts – although this will only work on a B-cup or less. Still keen? Lie on the floor with a weight in each hand and lift them up and over your chest 12 times. Or try a highlighting powder like L’Occitane Pivoine Flora (R215) – dust it between your cleavage when you wear a low-cut top for an instant cleavage-enhancement.

Why does the skin on my chest look damaged?


Because your chest area has no oil glands, women see the first signs of aging there as the skin is very thin and often quite dry. Always apply a retinol-rich SPF (even on cloudy days) and cover it up if you’re out on the beach or by the pool this summer: this is one area where you really don’t want to get a tan! If the damage has already been done, apply Bio Bust Rejuvenating Bust Cream (R161.96) as it will minimise the appearance of fine lines and strengthen the skin.

How can I make my boobs look perky?


Yo-yo dieting can stress and stretch breast ligaments, your natural support system, so keep your BMI healthy and stay within a 10kg weight range if you want to keep your girls in good condition for years to come. Another top tip? Get your bras fitted by a specialist – it needs to be firm around the band as 90% of support comes from there and not the straps. Or try Guinot Bust Firming Youth Care (R780) which claims to increase perkiness by 30%.

Why are my breasts different sizes?


Don’t panic! Very few women have identical-sized breasts and nobody is going to notice the difference except you. Try a get insert on your bra or even your bikini if it’s not a halter-neck. And apply Mamma Mio Boob Tube (R485) to your cleavage on nights out, with a slightly heavier application on your smaller breast to even them out.


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