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How to figure out your skin tone

We beauty editors are always bleating on about getting makeup that matches your skin tone. I always assumed that you gals just knew what we were talking about, but a recent conversation with a friend of mine told me otherwise.

So I’ll apologise on behalf of my beauty brethren, and in return, teach you exactly how to figure out whether you have a warm or cool skin tone!


1. Have a look at the inside of your wrist (where you can see the veins). Do the veins look blue or green? Blue means a cool skin tone and green a warm one.

2. If you can’t decide between blue or green, then try some precious metals. Hold a silver, then a gold garment, up to your face. Which one makes your skin look healthy, and which one makes you look ill? If you look better with silver, then you have a cool skin tone; if you look better with gold, it means you have a warm skin tone.

3. If you don’t any have gold or silver items, you could also try the same test with jewel tones (emerald green, sapphire blue and rich purple) and then earth tones like beige, brown and cream. Jewel tones will look better on girls with a cool tone, while the ones with a warm tone will better suit earthy shades.

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