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Get that glow – in winter!

Ever wondered how to achieve that enviable celebrity glow sported by the likes of J-Lo and Jessica Alba? Here’s how!

Step one: A flawless canvas

A bright complexion starts with hydrated skin, as well as a nourished body, so start by drinking plenty of water, get your five-aday fix and take multi-vitamin supplements. Clean the skin surface using a mild cleanser like Avon Anew 360 Bright Even Tone Cleanser (R129), gently exfoliate with a non-abrasive formula such as Coverderm Luminous Exfolia Gentel Purifying Whitening Scrub (R260) and, if you have time, apply a 10-15 minute hydrating face mask to prep the skin to absorb a good moisturiser.

Step two: A uniform base
To achieve a smooth surface your base should be a lightweight formula that provides suitable coverage without appearing thick or heavy. If your skin tone is fairly even and blemish free then opt for a tinted moisturiser or a multipurpose BB Cream to create a gorgeous, dewy texture or one containing light reflecting pigments like Dior Snow UV Shield BB Cream (R600) which noticeably boosts radiance. For thicker coverage, choose a sheer foundation to smooth out lines and pigmentation for a photoshopped effect.

Step three: Glow-enhancing bronzer
The secret to creating a healthy looking tan is two-fold: bronzer pigment and effective contouring. A superior bronzing powder shade should be dusty brown in colour and preferably include a subtle shimmer such as Gosh Mineral Colour Pigments in Gold (R110) to avoid a dull finish. Using a large brush, sweep the bronzing powder from the centre of your cheek underneath the cheekbone and up to the temple. Apply another layer to gradually build a contoured shape until you’re happy with the desired depth of colour. Add a few more strokes across the forehead, down the nose and across the chin as these are the areas of the face sunlight naturally hits.

Step four: Beautiful blush

Addicted to bronzer? Avoid blushers that contain too much pink or red. The best shade to compliment glowing skin is a soft peach added to bronzed cheeks. Using a medium-sized blusher brush, sweep a little across the apple of your cheek under the cheekbone. Dust a little The Body Shop All-In-One Cheek Colour Shade in Marshmallow (R120) for an added pearly sheen.  

Step five: Sparkling eyes

To add a golden touch to eyelids or brow bone, use metallic shades. Get eyes that pop with bronze, irredescent pearl or shimmery chocolate pigments for a flash of sexy glamour.

Step six: golden highlights

To make hidden cheekbones emerge, dab a few drops of highlighter under the outer edge of the eye and up to the temple to reflect the light along the cheekbones. Wearing a low-cut top? This also looks gorgeous on collarbones. Finish with a light dusting of luxurious Ofra Powder Cake in Bronzing Gold (R366.80) to illuminate the upper cheeks for a sexy, summer-holiday-evening finish.

Step seven: Low-key lips
To prevent your face turning into a glitter ball, keep one or two of your facial features shimmer free – we love matte-finish lipstick such as L’Oréal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in Perpetual Peach (R109). Line your lips in a pencil that matches your natural shade, add two top coats and you’re good to go!

Step eight: shimmering legs

Braving winter weather with no tights? A shimmering body oil will make your legs look so much longer! If you’re feeling less daring, just focus on your arms instead. Avon Skin So Soft Shimmering Oil Sprays (R99) are easy to use sprays that smell great and contain gold mineral gems for a hint of glamour. To enhance skin tone and highlight subtly exposed areas such the decolletage, collarbones and shoulders: apply mousse with fingertips across the chest and across the shoulders for a subtle, soft sheen.

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