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4 Steps to doing your own facial

We all love a good facial! But while ‘they’ tell us we should be going every month or so, who has the time (or money) to really do that?


Although you can’t replace the comfort of a spa and expertise of a beautician, you can get similar results at home. Why not turn it into an event and ask a friend to come over and do one too? Either way, here are 4 easy steps to doing your own facial at home:

1. Instead of steaming your face
with an at-home steamer or over a pot of boiling water, start your facial at the end of your shower – that way you’ll pores will be open anyway. Just before you get out the shower, exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub (or enzyme exfoliator if you have sensitive skin). (You need to exfoliate so that the active products you apply afterwards can penetrate better. ) Then rinse the exfoliator off with a warm washcloth.

2. After your shower, apply a mask
suited to your skin type or concern. Leave the mask to work its magic for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off with a washcloth.


3. Once your skin is clean, apply an antioxidant rich serum using little circular movements. (This will improve circulation on your face, and help give you a healthy glow.) We opt for antioxidant serums because there is nothing better for fighting free radical damage, which is, after all, one of the biggest causes of ageing. We recommend REN’s Radiance Perfecting Serum, R550.


4. Finally apply your regular eye cream, moisturiser and sun protection (if you’re heading out).


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Emmy is the daughter of a sailor, animal loving, coffee addicted, beauty product junkie editor of

Glamour International