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5 Great spots for a Tinder date

Wow, what a great shot!After a painful breakup, celebrity and the face of, Karl Ahari, is back and oh-so-ready to mingle! Karl dived head-first into the world of online and Tinder dating, Karl is hoping to put some magic back in his love life… and yours! Here are his top spots to take your date:

1 A sunset stroll

With crashing waves, gorgeous sunsets and so many happy dogs, the Sea Point promenade is the perfect place to walk, talk and get to know each other.

Head towards the lighthouse and you’ll see a sweet mini-golf course that’s right next to the ocean. So, if your date turns out to be the kind of person who hates dogs you can call things off early and play a few rounds by yourself before going home alone.

TIP: Ask deal-breaking questions before going on the date, even if the answers seemed pretty obvious based on the many selfies you take with your animals.

2 A couples cooking course

This might seem like a little much for a first date, but take a risk and try something new! Head to a cooking school like Taste-Buds Cooking School. The flames, the flavours and the delicious aromas are sure to awaken your passions as you discover each other.

You might discover for instance that that your date is gluten free, in which case you can focus your passion on raging in silence as you roll out your home made pasta.

TIP: Bring a Tupperware. The portions are generous even for one person.

3  A romantic boat cruise 

There’s nothing more romantic than a sunset cruise (Stonehaven Cruises are great!), sipping champagne, and gazing into each other’s eyes and realise that you have nothing to talk about in person.

Enjoy the rising sense of panic as you realise you’re now stuck on this boat with this person for over an hour. Talk about the birds, talk about the lilies, talk about the fabulous rosebushes planted near the deck, talk about anything you can find to fill the void.

TIP: if you bring your costume you can just swim back to shore.

4 Sushi and cocktails

Beluga is great because no matter what day of the week your date didn’t show up you can still get sushi, dim sum and cocktails – all at half price! When you’ve got no one else to treat you can treat yourself twice, and you don’t even have to be ashamed of eating your feelings because your date isn’t there to see you do it.

TIP: Half-Price Special runs Monday – Saturday: 12pm – 7pm and all day on Sunday.

5 Grab an ice cream

Häagen-dazs is a great place for a date because they have over 40 delicious flavours so you don’t even have to bring some with you.

Treat yo’self ! You is kind, you is smart, you is important.

You deserve this!

TIP: You’re allowed to taste as many flavours as you want before you buy something. As many. Flavours. As you want.

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