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How to create the perfect curl

How to create the perfect curlWant to know how to create the perfect pin curl?

Steal these secrets from a beauty queen! Follow former Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss’ step-by-step guide to creating her signature curls.

Step 1 

After washing your hair, apply a styling cream before leaving it to air-dry. Coating strands in a styling cream and leaving them to dry naturally will help to boost your hair’s natural texture.

Step 2

Once dry, divide your hair into sections, tease the roots and spray a little hairspray before curling with a curling wand. Yes, you heard right… hairspray. The hairspray actually  helps to create hold so that your curls won’t ‘slip’ when you set them.

Step 3 

The direction of the curling is extremely important depending on the look you want (all the one side or waves away from the face on both sides).

Step 4

Curl and pin the curls in position while they’re still hot. Using this technique will help your hair to retain the curl.

Step 5 

Now it’s time for bed – sleep with my curls pinned.

Step 6

Wake up, take out the pins and comb through – voila! – gorgeous locks.

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