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How to be confident at work

How to be confident at workLack confidence at work? Read this article. It will change your life…

Fake it ’til you make it

When going for an interview, dress for where you want to be, not where you are. And try wearing red. Research shows the brain associates red with danger, so people wearing it appear more fearless.

Role play

Public speaking can inspire terror in even the most apparently capable people. Envisage yourself as a figure who is in control in spite of chaos. Practise this every day; toes spread, shoulders open and hands by your side, facing forwards. Before making a presentation, do a full practice run and ask someone to film you. You’ll notice and be able to correct habits that give away your nerves.

Don’t hold back

Fear of failure is one of the biggest treats to confidence. To be ‘good’ at something is a simple way to build self-esteem. Completing small tasks – your to-do list or a project you’ve been putting off – can give a much-needed confidence boost.

Money matters

Asking for a raise? Approach the conversation like you’re asking on someone else’s behalf. And don’t apologise for asking. Ever.

Say thank you

Learn to always accept compliments. A simple ‘thank you’ is much more genuine than deflecting praise or refusing to acknowledge when you’ve done something really well.

Be noticed

Don’t let yourself be walked over in a meeting. Sit somewhere visible. If someone interrupts while you’re speaking, wait until they’ve finished, then pick up where you left off.

Stand up

Making a tricky phone call? Stand up! Something about being upright, with feet firmly on the floor, makes you feel decisive and less likely to be bulldozed.

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