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3 Reasons to cleanse with oil – yes, oil!

3 Reasons to cleanse with oil – yes, oil!This beauty secret has been around for a while but many people still don’t understand why in the world we’d want to cleanse our already oily skin with more oil. If you’re one of those people wondering whether oil cleansing will work for you, here are three good reasons to give it a go – and best of all, this type of cleansing can be used on all skin types!

1 Your skin produces oil

The outermost layer of your skin is an oily layer. It helps to hold your skin’s natural moisture in, which is exactly what gives your skin a gorgeous glow. If you think your skin doesn’t glow but is an oil slick instead, the next point is for you. 

2 Other products can be dehydrating

Alcohol-based and foaming cleansers can sometimes strip your skin of its oily layer. When you’ve stripped your skin of this layer, it takes about eight hours to regenerate – just before you wash your face again. The result? Dehydrated, dull skin. The oil in an oil cleanser clings to the excess sebum on your skin, so you’re left with hydrated skin but no shine. 

3 Oil and water don’t mix

This is a good thing. An oil cleanser is able to dissolve other oily material, like makeup, sebum and dirt so even if you have oily skin, this helps to remove that excess shine – without removing the moisture. To apply, simply add the oil with dry hands onto dry skin and massage. Then emulsify with water and rinse off. The benefit: your skin’s natural oily layer remains but the dirt is gone.

Oil cleansers we adore

Dry, sensitive or oily – try one of these oil cleansers for gorgeous, glowing skin in no time!

  • Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil (R79.95)
  • Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Replenishing Cleansing Oil (R495)
  • Sh’Zen Natural Tissue Shower Oil (R249)

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