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3 cleansing rules from an A-list facialist

When you talk to Elizabeth King, you just know you’re in good hands – her knowledge is immense and her passion is addictive. Which is exactly why those hands of hers have treated the faces of Madonna, Stella McCartney and Nelson Mandela. Here’s what this Dr Haushka skin pro can teach you about getting your skin clean. 

1 Don’t forget to wash your face in the morning

“Many women seem to think that this step isn’t important, but during the night, your skin is busy regenerating, repairing and excreting waste. If you don’t wash your skin in the morning, you seal in those excretions with your moisturiser and makeup.” 

2 Use cold and hot compresses as you cleanse

“The warm compress get’s your circulation going which helps with pore cleansing, while the coolness helps to amp up your lymphatic system.”

3 Create a cupping motion

“With your hands in a cup position, press your cleanser against your skin and pull back creating a slight suction. Pollution shards can be sharp which is why scrubbing isn’t recommended. Always work from the centre of your face outward to help with lymphatic draining. My island must-have is the Dr Haushka Cleansing Cream (R278). It’s a cleanser and exfoliant that – with the cupping action – gently lifts dirt and dead skin cells.”

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