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DIY perfect nude lip colour

DIY perfect nude lip colourBeauty assistant Yolisa Mjamba’s favourite shade of nude lipstick ran out. She searched everywhere for a match, but couldn’t find one. Here’s how she created one herself!

Step 1

“I lined up all my powder makeup and compared colours,” says Yolisa. “The best match was a chocolate brown shade that matched my skin.”

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Step 2

Using a finger, Yolisa dabbed the shadow on her lips before dusting a little pink blusher on top to warm up the shade. “At this stage, it feels dry and cakey, but don’t give up,” she says.

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Step 3

Apply a hydrating lip balm on top. “This gives it a shimmery coat and feels super comfortable. Plus, it lasts as long as a regular lipstick,” she adds.

Way to go, DIY!

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