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Nail that interview with these confidence-boosting tips

Nail that interview with these confidence-boosting tipsSo you’ve decided to move jobs, you’ve submitted your CV, and you’ve been invited for an interview. Yay! Now what? Obviously, you know to start rehearsing answers to standard questions (“So where do you see yourself in five years?”), and make a list of questions to ask your interviewers. So far, so good. But did you know there are other forms of prep you can do to give yourself that extra boost of confidence? Let’s take a look.

1 Do your homework

You’re obviously familiar with the type of work the company you’re applying to does – but how familiar are you with the company itself? Thorough research, such as reading their website, checking their social media pages, and searching for mentions of them on Google, will give you a deeper understanding of what the company’s about, and help you make intelligent conversation with your interviewers.

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2 Look the part

It’s clear that you need to look your best at your interview, but what does ‘best’ mean in terms of the company’s policy? Is their dress code business formal, business relaxed, smart-casual or something else? If you can find a gallery on the company’s website, check to see how other employees are dressed, and model your interview outfit on what you see.

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3 Check your calendar

There’s nothing worse than being late for an interview, or, horror of horrors, missing it altogether. Check and double-check that you know the exact date and time of your interview, and set yourself ten alarms if need be. It doesn’t matter how strong a candidate you are, if you’re late you’ll make a terrible first impression on your interviewers.

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4 Know where you’re going

Following on from knowing when your interview is, make sure you know where it is as well. Check the address, check for nearby parking, and make sure you leave yourself more than enough time to for traffic delays and getting lost. If you struggle with directions or are concerned about finding your way in an unfamiliar place, you may even want to consider taking an Uber.

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5 Bring your A game

The more you do to look organised and well-prepared, the better impression you’ll make. So give yourself the best chance and make sure you’re ready for anything. Bring along essentials such as a pen and paper, any supporting documents that the company may want, one or two hard copies of your CV, and a portfolio, if necessary. The more cool, calm and collected you appear, the more in control you’ll be from the beginning of your interview to the end.

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