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Lose weight and indulge your inner chocoholic at the same time!

Lose weight and indulge your inner chocoholic at the same time!Chocolate bars, slabs, fountains – whatever way you choose to indulge, there’s no denying this rich and decadent delight. Unfortunately, while it might be fabulous for your mood, it’s not quite as kind to your waistline. But luckily there are a number of tricks you can use to keep chocolatey treats as part of your eating plan while still losing weight and being healthy

Go dark 

High in antioxidants and minerals, dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more) has been shown to have proven health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow and even lowering your risk of heart disease. Choose a high quality dark chocolate and enjoy a piece or two every so often. You’ll be getting your chocolate fix and reaping the health rewards at the same time. 

Look for quality 

You get what you pay for, as the saying goes, and while shop-bought chocolate bars can hit the spot like nobody’s business, quality chocolate can give you more of the fix you’re looking for. Rather than splurging on a candy bar every day, save your money for the good stuff, and limit yourself to one or two pieces every three to four days. It’ll be worth every kilojoule. 

Plan ahead 

As with everything in life, moderation is key – so while you shouldn’t be filling up on chocolate every day, a little of what you love every once in a while never hurt anyone. Plan treats into your healthy eating schedule, preferably on a day where you’ve had an intense workout, then enjoy every last bite. Healthy living is all about balance, so as long as you’re being healthy 80% of the time, 20% of sinful deliciousness shouldn’t hurt your waistline one bit. 

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