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Little white lies: are they really so bad?

Little white lies: are they really so bad?You more than likely consider yourself to be an honest person – but everyone tells lies at some point, whether big, little or white. How damaging are lies to a relationship, and is honesty always really the best policy? Let’s take a look. 

“Mmm, I love this pasta!” 

If your partner is making the effort to show how much they care for you through romantic gestures, criticism can often do more harm than good. A sincere thank you is all that’s needed. And maybe offer to help them in the kitchen next time so you can do the cooking together. 

“No, you haven’t put on weight.” 

Tread carefully here. If your loved one thinks they’re gaining, and they aren’t, tell them how fabulous they look. If they start to pick up a bit though, still tell them they’re fabulous, but also let them know that if they want to start eating healthier or exercising more, you’re happy to join them.

“Manchester United is my favourite!” 

If they’re all about watching football and you’re more about watching WAGS, a sprinkle of honesty is best. By all means show an interest in their likes, and let them know that you support and respect their preferences, but perhaps they should enjoy the next match with their mates, rather than you.  

“This is exactly what I wanted!” 

Gifts are tricky. On the one hand, you don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings, but on the other, you really didn’t want to be given a heater for your birthday. If you’re brave, you could suggest returning it and using the money on something you can both enjoy. If you’re not, say thank you with a big smile and drop better hints next time. 

At the end of the day, little white lies and half-truths aren’t all that damaging – unless of course you’re lying about something that bothers you and you need it to be changed. If you’re having trouble in a serious area like your career, home life or your feelings towards your partner, lying about it will only make things worse. Take a deep breath, address the issue head on and maybe ask them to make you some of that delicious pasta afterwards. 

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