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5 Lubricant myths, busted

5 Lubricant myths, busted

The secret to happier and healthier sex? Using lubricant! Don’t believe us? We chatted to Karel Vermeulen, founder and product developer at Lubrimaxxx, to bust those lube myths once and for all.

1 I only need lube when I’m not feeling frisky

False. While our female bodies normally manufacture and secrete their own lubricant when aroused, they also at times lack these natural lubricants due to high stress levels, certain medications, hormonal imbalances and changes.

2 Lubricant is only for sex or masturbation

False. Some people use personal lubricants to shave their legs as it naturally moisturises the skin due to its high percentage of D-Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5, known for its moisturising properties). What’s more, its use as an anti-bacterial agent makes it ideal as a makeup remover, as well as an aid for those suffering from arthritis. 

3 If I have a condom, I don’t need lube

False. Lubricants and condoms go hand-in-hand to prevent a condom from tearing. Plus, lube is also ideal for use with sex toys, and can help increase pleasurable self-love moments.

4 I can use lubricant even if I’m trying to fall pregnant

False. Lube isn’t recommended if you’re trying to get pregnant. It contains an ingredient known as propylene glycol that can decrease your man’s sperm count, so if you’re looking to conceive, rather keep your lube in a drawer, or look for a brand that excludes this particular compound. 

5 There’s no such thing as too much lube

False. Keep in mind that your man can lose sensitivity when using too much lubricant on a condom or during vaginal sex. Things could get messy – eek!

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