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In a relationship comfort zone? Time to break free!

In a relationship comfort zone? Time to break free!

You used to shave your legs every day, but now it’s once a week if you’re lucky. Cotton undies and mismatched bras have replaced expensive lingerie sets. And Friday night dates have become Netflix and zero chill. It doesn’t mean you’re not happy in your relationship, but it does mean you’re in a comfort zone – a space where there’s too little effort and too much taken for granted. If it’s a phase, then OK. But if it’s the direction your relationship is heading permanently, it’s time to shake things up. 

Try something new 

There’s nothing wrong with being your truest, most authentic self in a relationship. But the longer you stay stuck in a comfort zone, the more you run the risk of your partnership becoming stale. Inject some energy into your lives with a new activity or two – think day trips, cooking classes, adventure sports, art jamming (with wine, obvs), virtual reality experiences. Anything that’s out of the ordinary and guaranteed to get you talking. 

Remember the little things 

They like the lavender fabric softener. You like drinking coffee out of the yellow mug. These are little things, but can help to make a big difference in terms of feeling loved and nurtured. Make an effort to reconnect with the small details that are so important to your partner, and your relationship will move forward as a result. 

Get up and go 

When was the last time the two of you went away together? If you can’t remember, it’s high time you booked a trip. Even a weekend away at a nearby B&B can help put some spark back into your relationship, and you’ll create memories as you explore new and exciting places. Plus, there’s always breakfast in bed to look forward to in the mornings. Minus the breakfast.

Start talking 

You know you love your partner, but if it’s been a while since you’ve actually said the words, you need to let them know. Poor communication is one of the main reasons for relationship breakups, so if you want to keep yours intact, remind your loved one how much you value and appreciate them. The more you do, the stronger the two of you will become, both individually and as a couple. 

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