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5 Healthy ways to survive your office party

5 Healthy ways to survive your office party

The festive season is upon us, and so is that one workplace tradition – the end-of-year function. While you may be able to swing healthy snacks and fizzy water at your friends’ parties, unless you’re the organiser of your work-do, you’ll have to make your choices from whatever is on offer. So how do you keep your selections healthy and your kilojoules to a minimum?

1 Give yourself a two-drink maximum

Alcohol isn’t great for weight loss to begin with, but at an office party, it’s not great for dignity either. Steer clear of post-party gossip by keeping it tidy in front of the big bosses and sticking to a maximum of two drinks, supplemented with plenty of water. You’re still at work after all, even if you are in function hall decorated with tinsel.

2 Eat first

It sounds counter-productive, especially if your party includes a free meal, but having a snack beforehand can prevent you from making less-than-ideal choices – especially if you’re usually starving by the time the food arrives. Opt for healthy ones like biltong, raw veggies and hummus, or yoghurt and fruit.

3 Plan ahead

Many office parties make use of buffets rather than plated meals, as they’re more cost-effective. That may be, but they’re also more dangerous for your waistline. Rather than lining up for a spoonful of everything that’s on offer, have a look first and only pick what you absolutely want. 

4 Just say no

To dessert. Don’t do it. Enough said.

5 Talk to people

If you’re talking, you can’t be eating and drinking right? So go mingle and use the party as a networking opportunity rather than an eat-all-you-can buffet. You’ll get more out of it on a professional level, and you won’t feel the need to wear stretchy pants afterwards either. Winning!

Taking a few days off to try and beat laryngitis is generally more stressful than restful. These 5 tips will help keep you healthy in the corporate world.

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