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Yes, you can ask him out (and probably should, too)

How to ask a guy on a date

Here’s a question for you ladies. If women are able to vote, fly planes and run countries, why are men still doing 95% of the asking out? Tradition, schmadition – if you’re feeling a connection with someone, why should you have to wait for them to do something about it? Sure it’s scary, but believe it or not, most guys think that having a girl ask them out is hot – so you already have that in your favour. If you’ve been eyeing out a guy from the gym/office/bar, time to put on your big girl panties and pop the question! With our help, of course.

Don’t overthink it 

Men are simple creatures, so rather than planning an elaborate extravaganza complete with fireworks and acrobats, a simple “Want to grab a beer sometime?” is all you need. 

Find a common interest 

If you both know your way around a pool table, organise a game and tell him to get ready for a butt-kicking. He’ll love the challenge. 

Find an uncommon interest 

If he’s an avid surfer and you’ve always wanted to try, ask if you can get a lesson from him. He’ll get to show off his skills and you can get your flirt on.  

Seduce him with TV series 

If you have the latest episodes of Stranger Things and he’s a fan, invite him over to watch. Netflix and chill, anyone?

Buy him a drink 

Eyeing out the hottie across the bar? Ask the bartender to send him over one of whatever he’s drinking. He’ll have to come over to say thanks.

That’s enough to get you started for now, and remember that practice makes perfect. Whatever you do though, don’t be too attached to the outcome. The worst that could happen is that he says no – and if he does, sure it’ll sting for a minute or two, but you’ll get over it. And who knows, if it goes well, you could soon find yourself with more dates than you know what to do with. Happy hunting! 

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