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Dating a coworker? See the tips to making your office relationship work

Dating a coworker? See the tips to making your office relationship work

So you’ve taken the plunge and started to date one of your colleagues. Presumably you’ve informed your company so that your relationship is sanctioned and above board – but what else can you do to ensure that the two of you stay as professional as possible during working hours? Let’s take a look.

When you’re at work, work 

Being in the same office space doesn’t mean that life is now one long date. You have your career to think about, so make sure that when you’re at work, you’re focused on the tasks at hand. Bear in mind that making your relationship public may have cast a spotlight on you, so ensure that your behaviour and your work ethic are above reproach at all times. 

Don’t do lunch

No one wants to be ‘that couple’ – the lovey-dovey colleagues who exclude everyone else and have their own daily private lunch party. Even worse, the proximity of eating and working together every day could soon cause your relationship to go sour. Keep your lunch dates to once a week max, and keep your colleagues happy and the mystery alive. 

Have a plan B

It’s normally never recommended to begin a relationship with the end in mind, but breaking up and having to still work together could cause unnecessary frustration and anxiety for both of you. Make sure you have a conversation about how to handle the situation should the worst ever happen, and your post-relationship work environment won’t seem quite as stressful. 

Send the odd message

If you were dating someone outside the office, chances are you’d WhatsApp them during work, so there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same with a colleague you’re dating. One or two messages during the working day can help keep the zing in your relationship, and make mundane tasks much more interesting. After all, relationships are meant to be less about work and more about play. So when you have the chance to enjoy yourself, take it! 

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