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Lost weight then gained it back? Don’t despair!

6 Things I learnt when I stopped weighing myself and started caring for myself

You’ve worked hard at losing the weight you’ve needed to – eating right, training regularly and making sacrifices. But now, despite your best efforts, you’ve gained all the weight back (and maybe even a little more). Argh! Is there a way to get back to where you were or should you just give up now? Thankfully, the answer is yes – with just a few lifestyle changes. 

Stop beating yourself up 

Because you probably are. A whopping 97% of people who lose weight gain it back within the next three years, often along with a few extra kilos, too. So you’re not alone, in fact, you’re pretty normal. Let go of the negative self-talk, the guilt and the shame, and replace them with positivity and motivation instead. 

Find the reason 

There’s a reason why you gained the weight back and you need to find out what it is to move forward. Perhaps your eating plan was too strict and you finally buckled under the pressure. Maybe you were training too hard, going through a stressful time at work or coming out of an important relationship. Whatever the cause of your weight gain, you need to get to the bottom of it to ensure it doesn’t trigger you again. 

Make small adjustments 

Once you’ve made the decision to reclaim your healthy lifestyle, start small. Going from no exercise and all-day junk food feasts to a super healthy diet and hours of training can come as a shock to the system. Rather ease back into it by making small changes to your eating and exercise regime, and build up to the completely healthy routine you used to have. 

Plan your social schedule wisely 

Don’t hide at home eating steamed chicken and broccoli. Life is for the living, so embrace it – but be clever about it too. Stay away from things that are likely to throw you off track, like bars or ice cream parlours, and plan new and exciting activities with your friends instead. You’ll enjoy life even more and you’ll be able to stick to your health plan, too. 

Keep at it 

Whatever you do, don’t give up. It took you a while to lose the weight the first time – it’ll take you a while this time, too. But even if you don’t see the dramatic changes you’re looking for in the beginning, every healthy meal you eat and every minute of exercise you do is bringing you one step closer to your goal weight. Small actions performed consistently eventually produce big results. So stay focused on your goal and take back your life one day at a time! 

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