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3 Life-saving bar safety inventions

Next time you’re at a bar, club, or lounge and feel that you’re at risk of sexual assault, consider making use of the following life-saving bar safety inventions. Studies show that South Africa has the highest incidence of rape in the world, according to reports a large number of these cases are linked to the use of date rape drugs.

Angel Shot

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation while on a Tinder, Bumble or Plenty of Fish date, simply order an ‘angel shot’ to signal the bar staff that you need help.

Spiked Drink Detector

This award-winning coaster was created by South African Breweries (SAB) to address South Africa’s rape epidemic.

Undercover Colours

This ground breaking invention is the brain child of four men who came to the realization that women need a discreet tool that will help them detect if a date rape drug has been put in their drink.

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