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First date disasters: Readers tell all!

First date disastersGot a first date coming up? Maybe even a blind date? If you’re feeling nervous about it, don’t worry – there’s no way it could be worse than some of these shockers our readers recently shared! 

“I once went on a date that started out normal, but 15 minutes in, turned really weird. The girl insisted on reading me this poem that she’d written herself, so I listened politely. Twenty minutes later I was still listening – it just wouldn’t end! Needless to say, there was no second date.” – Christine, 42

“I met a guy for a drink, and during our conversation, he offered up this little gem: that his ex-drug dealer used to live around the corner, but he’d now found someone with a much better product. I downed my drink and left in a hurry.” – Thuli, 40

“My cousin and I went on a double date with a guy and his friend. They picked us up to take us to a fair, and during the ride, I was asked to get something out of the cubbyhole. When I opened it, hundreds of condoms fell out. Literally, hundreds! From the looks on their faces, it was clear how they were both wanting to end the evening. As soon as we got to the fair, my cousin and I ‘went to the restroom’ and phoned a friend to come pick us up. A lucky escape!” – Cyra, 47

“I got catfished by a super needy guy. When I showed up for the date he wasn’t the person he’d been claiming to be at all. Then, even worse, I went to the bathroom and the entire time I was there he SMSed me to comment on my looks, my speech and my social life. What a winner!” – Fazielah, 37

“I had a date planned but I wasn’t feeling well that evening so I tried to postpone, but the guy wasn’t having it. I relented and said we could go for one drink then. It was awful. He talked the whole time, wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise, and was hugely patronising too. Then despite me not feeling well, he prolonged the date by ordering food for both of us and ordering on my behalf as well. I then had to eat it while listening to him going on about ‘a woman’s place’. And of course when the bill came, even though he ordered everything, he insisted on splitting it. Never again!” – Dom, 25

“I had been chatting with this guy on Tinder for a few weeks before we eventually decided to meet up. The picture I had of him wasn’t great, so I wasn’t 100% sure what he looked like, but I thought I recognised him when someone similar walked into the bar. He didn’t come over though, even though he’d seen me, so I figured I was wrong. I checked my phone a few minutes later and saw he’d sent me a pic he’d taken of me sitting at the bar – so it was him! When I went over to say hi, I discovered why he’d chosen that bizarre way of saying hello: he was so drunk he could barely speak! I had one drink and cut the date short as soon as I could. No more Tinder for me, that’s for sure.” – Karen, 23

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