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How to get your flirt on!

Flirt Single and ready to mingle, but needing to step up your game? These six tips will help you hook a hottie:

1. Wear your most important accessory. No, not your fancy new heels. Your confidence. A healthy dose of self-confidence is by far the sexiest attribute, so make sure you take yours with you everywhere you go.

2. Go places. Different places. Don’t just hang out in your local all night. Find out from friends where the hottest bars, restaurants or singleton spots are, and make sure you’re seen. At worst you’ll have a new experience and meet new people. At best, you’ll have a new number in your contact list.

3. Make eye contact. Not the kind where you’re randomly scanning a room. The kind where the other person knows you’re looking at them on purpose. Smile, hold their gaze for just a little longer than normal, then break it. Then look back. If they do too, chances are you’re in.

4. Play copycat. If you get as far as talking to someone you’re interested in, try a technique known as mirroring, where you subtly copy their body language. Mirroring helps to create rapport between the two of you, and will make the subject of your affections feel comfortable and flattered. 

5. Say nice things. Everyone loves a compliment – it’s instantly gratifying and helps to form a bond between two people. So if they’re wearing something that bears commenting on, or make an interesting comment, let them know. Just don’t be fake about it; it has the opposite effect.

6. Make contact. There’s no quicker way of letting someone know you’re interested than physical contact. A light hand on the arm, the brush of a knee – these are all subtle flirtation signs that, if reciprocated, can let you know whether you’re onto a good thing or not. You go girl!

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