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8 Reasons why being single is actually the best

So, you’re single. Maybe you planned it that way, maybe it’s a temporary state or maybe you’re not overly excited about it. Whatever the reason for your single status, there’s only one way to deal with it, and that’s to own it. Don’t remember how? We’ve got your back. 

1 You can walk around naked 

OK, so you can do that with a partner, too, but when you’re single you don’t have to worry about cellulite, jiggly bits or tan lines. You can just walk. Bliss. 

2 You can have the whole bed to yourself 

Ditto for the couch and the remote, too. So much space, so much freedom, and you’re the one calling the shots – every time. 

3 You can do what you want, when you want 

No phone calls needed to check if you have plans, no asking whether he wants to come or cancelling if he doesn’t. Have wheels, will travel.

4 You can have cocktails for lunch 

Because, yes, margaritas are a food group.  

5 You don’t have to compromise 

No more quid pro quos or watching Manchester United play because he sat through the  Real Housewives. It’s all about you baby, all the time. 

6 You don’t have to pretend to like stuff

“Oh, I love flying drones!” No you don’t, you love dancing around your lounge to Beyoncé and then having a glass of vino for no reason. So go do that.

7 You can wear what you want 

Those leopard print heels he hated or that skirt he always said was too short? Throw them on and call up the gals– it’s ladies’ night, baby!

8 You can have me-time, all the time 

Enough said.  

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