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7 Healthy options at your favorite fast food joints

Fast Food Healthy Options

No matter how hard you try to eat a balanced meal, it can sometimes be hard to shake a fast food craving. From finger licking good KFC to delicious Domino’s, we’ve rounded up a list of the healthy options at all your favourite fast food joints.

Always find yourself fiending for McD’s? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the fast food outlet’s small fries are 230 calories. The crispy chicken salad is a total of 264 calories, but only if you ditch the calorie-laden salad dressing. If you can’t resist the burgers on offer, stick to a junior hamburger which contains 256 calories.

Ditch the thick crust and get rid of the meat, and place an order for the Veggie Lover’s pizza with thin crust. The large pizza adds up to 230 calories, so if you opt for medium or small you’ll be making an even healthier choice.

Burger King
At 267 calorie, the Burger King Cheeseburger will satisfy any fast food craving, guilt-free. Avoid deceiving options like the 8 piece wings which contains a whopping 564 calories.

While an Espresso Frappuccino® is 290 calories, why not opt for the beverage to be made with soy or almond milk, and hold the cream.

Dunkin Donuts 
One glazed ring donut is worth 260 calories, so try to resist buying an entire box!

When it comes to healthy fast food options, KFC seems to have the least healthy options. The grilled twister adds up to 336, while the salad is 347 calories.

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