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Three genius ways to use coconut oil on your hair

Coconut Oil Tom Ford
Already clued up on how to use coconut oil in the kitchen and on your skin? Then now is the time to educate yourself on the mane benefits of this beauty essential.

Hair Growth

You’d be pleased to know that this wonder oil can help your hair grow longer and stronger. Scoop a small amount of oil into your palm, and rub hands together until the coconut oil melts. Then massage the oils into your scalp. For best results, tie your hair into a bun and leave on overnight.

Frizz Fighter

We’re sure that you hate frizz just as much as we do. For a frizz-free hairstyle that’ll turn heads, simply rub a coin-size amount of coconut oil into your hands and smooth over your hair, from midshaft to ends.

Sun Protectant

Yes, your hair needs sunscreen too! So next time you hit the beach or step out into the sun, apply the oil to your hair, from root to tip, to avoid sun damage.

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