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This genius hack will make your dry shampoo extra effective

Dry shampoo is a gift from the hair gods. When you want an extra hour in bed, a spritz of the magic hair cleansing spray will give you 60 minutes more beauty sleep and let you rock a second-day hairstyle effortlessly.

But what if you could make your dry shampoo work even harder? Well, you can.

According to celebrity hairdresser Daniel Martin, who has worked with Demi Lovato, Elizabeth Moss, Jessica Alba, and Hilary Swank, there’s a super simple hack of making dry shampoo go that extra mile.

Daniel maintains that once you’ve spritzed it into your roots, you should follow-up by blasting it with a hairdryer.

“This will help distribute the product away from the scalp and a little into the mid-lengths.”

Daniel says it helps with volume and removes visual residue (a.k.a that much-loathed awkward white shadow at your roots).

He also advises shaking your hair while you blow dry it, while simultaneously massaging the dry shampoo into your scalp as you go for some real oomph.

Will anyone else be trying this handy hack tomorrow morning?

Here are the best dry shampoos to spritz your way to clean hair…

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TRESemmé Instant Refresh R79.99


Marc Anthony 2 Day Clear R169.95

Not Your Mothers Linseed Chai & French Plum R189.95

Tony&Guy Instant Refresh R129.95

Colab Dry Shampoo Tokyo R79.95

Lee Stafford Original R99.95

Dry shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo R64.95

Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Express Dry R365

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