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5 Things that happen to your skin as you age

ageWhether you try and deny it, avoid it or run away from it, your skin will go through some major changes as you age. Most of which are inevitable. Our advice… learn to embrace the change.

1. Moisture Loss

Apart from wrinkles, this is one of the most noticeable changes. You’ll begin to feel your skin getting a lot tighter and drier. This is due to the various environmental factors [like pollution] as well as your skin not being able to produce enough natural oils to keep your skin supple and hydrated.
Use a rich moisturiser to prevent any uncomfortableness and keep skin healthy and protected.

2. Gravity sets in

This is when your once youthful skin starts to droop and sag. This is more noticeable where the skin is thinner, like your eyelids, décolletage and neck. Your body is no longer able to produce as much elastin and collagen as before.

3. You bruise easily

Finding a bunch of bruises on your body that you never noticed before? Don’t panic. As your skin starts thinning your blood vessels are more exposed – so you’re bound to get a few bruises here and there.

4. You have dark rings

Your designer bags are now under your eyes. We all know how thin and fragile the skin under our eyes are, so there’s no surprise that it’s one of the first areas where ageing really starts to show.

5. Your face starts to tell a story

We’re talking about those fine lines and wrinkles which have crept out of nowhere and aren’t going anywhere fast. Those smile lines, frown lines and crows feet are all part of your skin losing elastin and collagen.

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