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5 Tips to quit smoking #WorldNoTobaccoDay

It is no surprise that smoking is not only dangerous to your health but those around you as well. But the sad reality is smokers have been told this so many times that the impact of the statement has worn off on them. Nobody really believes they can get lung cancer till they actually do. And, that’s understandable because quite honestly (and thankfully) a lot of smokers end up doing just fine. But, it’s not just the long-term effects that are a problem. It has an effect on your body every day. Anyone who smokes knows this, but there’s a reason they keep doing it anyway: It’s really freakin’ hard to quit smoking. It takes about seven to 10 days for nicotine to completely clear out of your system so getting through that first week to 10 days is the toughest part. Then the chemical addiction is done, but the psychological need remains.
So we have come up with some helpful tips to push through the urge to light up and nip the bad habit in the bud.

1. Find something else to occupy your mouth

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book but can actually be quite effective. If you’re a smoker, you know that just having something in your mouth becomes a habit. So try swapping out your cigarette for chewing gum or healthy nibbles to chomp on when you feel like the urge to puff. Some people even go to the lengths of chewing on cinnamon sticks, celery, toothpicks, or even straws to keep your mouth busy. After all most of these things taste a lot better than stinky smokers breath.

2. Keep your hands occupied

On the same note as above, some people get used to just holding something in their hands. Find something else that you can hold, like a pen or a stress ball, to occupy that empty space.

3. Find a healthy alternative to relieve stress

For many of us, smoking is an aid in relieving stress. Which is true because cigarettes have a stimulant in them. But there are much healthier alternatives for stress relief. for example, exercising regularly can help relieve stress and boost your mood. and if you’re worried about the weight gain after quitting this can help avoid that. If you’re not that into physical activity, meditation can help, too. If you’re nervous try downloading one of the hundreds of apps to get you started.

4. Find a support system

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you need some help to your friends and family. After all, that’s one of the reasons they’re there. Some personal motivation and support can go a long way. Sometimes even reaching out to ex-smokers can help and they can share their experiences and tips that helped them kick the habit.

5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

One of the biggest concerns most smokers have is the weight they could potentially gain after quitting. This is why many experts recommend drinking a lot of water to prevent that additional water weight. It will also help flush out all the bad toxins in your body. It’s also good to opt for water over caffeine and alcohol, which are commonly associated with smoking and may bring back stronger cravings.

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