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Hair perfume is a thing and these are the best ones

A hair perfume may be something you’d never really thought you needed. We get it – doesn’t a normal perfume just do the same thing?! Well, no, actually.

Most regular fragrances, if sprayed on your hairstyle, can be quite drying and damaging. However, hair mists are formulated to moisturise, reduce static and add shine, all while leaving behind a scent that lasts. In short, they’re great little multitaskers and are a clever way to get a fix of your favourite perfume in a slightly more affordable fashion.

And trust us, once you browse this list of our favourite hair mists, you won’t be able to resist any longer…

hair perfume

Hair Silk Perfume, R168,38 (travel size), Balmain
This fresh-smelling hair scent also doubles up as a nourishing oil due to its heavier consistency. Its plastic bottle also makes it perfect for travel.


No.5 The Hair Mist, R830, Chanel
One of the most iconic fragrances of all time in a hair mist? We’re already sold. This sweet glass bottle looks stunning on any dressing table and is a slightly more affordable way to get your No.5 fix.

Miss Dior Hair Mist, R2770, Dior
Another cult favourite perfume in the beauty world, Dior’s offering releases the most gorgeous scent with every spritz.

Protective Hair Perfume, R1059, Sachajuan 
Smelling like a trip to the beach and coming in a handy small glass bottle, Sachajuan’s hair perfume moisturises and reduces static while filling your locks with fragrance.

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