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Genius beauty remedies you can make in your kitchen for free

Herbs have been used in women’s beauty for centuries, but in a world of ready-made sheet masks, highlighters for instant skin glow and nourishing masks that magically repair your hair overnight, it’s easy to forget that plants are the most affordable and effective beauty remedies.

Beauty Remedies Natural Herbs

But if you’re looking to go a bit more natural with your beauty routine, or utilise ingredients grown in your own garden, there are plenty of ways to make use of herbs in your routine…

Beat acne with plantain leaves

The leaves of plantain are an effective and natural cure for acne. Plantain grows almost anywhere, all around the world, and thrives in gardens and on paths. Plantain calms inflamed tissues which can help inflamed, acne-prone skin.

Simply crush the leaf (or use freshly extracted plantain leaf juice), and apply it to the affected skin. Keep it in place for an hour, and then wash it off with cool water. Repeat daily for a week. Hello, clear skin

Horsetail for nourished nails

A nail soak can really help to repair and hydrate your cuticles for stronger nails.

Henriette Kress, author of Practical Herbs 1 and 2 says to “boil a teaspoon of dried horsetail herb in 250ml water, strain and let cool”.

Once at a touchable temperature, “pour the liquid into two bowls and keep your fingertips in the bowl for 10 minutes”.

Nettles for shiny hair

If your lengths are looking a little lackluster, try rinsing them with a nettle mix.

“Boil 100ml dried nettle herb in 500ml water for 15 minutes and strain”, says Henriette.

“Add the liquid to a bowl of warm water and then rinse your freshly washed hair with the mix.”

To make the most of it, use another bowl to catch the mix as you rinse so you can run it over your hair multiple times.

If you have really light blonde or white hair, you may want to consider using horsetail instead as nettles may leave a slight greenish tint.

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