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5 body positive Instagram stars to follow

Social media was once a breeding ground for people fixated with making their lives appear a lot less glossy than reality behind their filtered snaps.

But, thankfully, the #humblebrags that once populated our Instagram feeds have been replaced with a refreshing take on reality. Whether it’s women showing off their filter-free bodies or bloggers revealing the truth behind their deceiving snaps, we have so much time for it.

That’s why we’re loving Tess Holliday’s list of the five most empowering women to follow on Instagram.

The body positivity activist shared her five favourite Instagram accounts that she’d recommend to anyone looking for a much-needed feed refresh with Self magazine. Here they are…

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I don’t aspire to be a role model. I aspire to be a person who doesn’t hate herself. I’m not trying to inspire anyone. I’m a hot mess- the fuck do I look like, trying to “inspire” someone else? Gimme a break. Frankly, I’m confused as to when we stopped looking in the mirror for our heroes and started lookin’ for ‘em on the internet. Sure, I’m glad that more people are exploring yoga and trying not to say shitty things about their bodies. And if my messy ass IG account has something to do with this new trend, then I guess that’s cool, too. But prepare to be disappointed because I’m extremely complicated, rude, aggressive, and I hold very polarizing opinions. And if someone chooses to be disappointed in me bc my behavior doesn’t mimic what they need in their own life, that’s just gotta be their cross to bear. A bitch can only worry about being her own hero- look in the mirror and find your own goddamn inspiration. #yoga @justincookphoto literally made me take this thotty ass picture and he was so dedicated to the cause that my dude pop, lock, & dropped it in front of this very Mack truck just to make sure I fully understood what he wanted me to do. Never will I ever forget the time that JUSTIN.COOK. dropped his ass for me and @lisa_lisa_creative’s enjoyment. @alexboerner , you know you loved it too.) This bathing suit is @gabifresh x @swimsuitsforall and it’s the cat’s pajamas. Photo by @justincookphoto Creative Direction by @lisa_lisa_creative Makeup by @pinkdiamondstl (EDIT- I ❤️ @dansko but these babies are @clarksshoes )

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