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A South African female CEO shares the 5 keys to her success

In honour of Women’s Month, we’re picking the brains of Mzansi’s most gifted and successful female leaders. Thus far we’ve chatted with social media self-starters, Pap Culture as well as PR and Communications Director and recent podcast founder, Rutendo Nyamuda to share their secrets to millennial success.

Mbuso Khoza Female CEO

This time around, we’re switching gears as Acting CEO at Condè Nast Independent Magazines, Mbuso Khoza shares the five reasons why she’s making it as one of the few female CEOs.

  • Faith it till you make it!

Keep believing that you are where you are supposed to be, even if it does not seem like it sometimes. I believe there is a divine algorithm guiding my footsteps at all times.

  • EQ will take you beyond your IQ limits.

Your IQ will earn you nice certificates that will make your resumé and study room look cool, but your EQ will earn you unending memories in the lives you have touched, no matter how gentle that touch may have been.

  • Inclusive leadership.

My leadership style is quite inclusive. Having grown up in a village, I figured from a very young age that wisdom may come from the most unexpected of places. Prof. Patrick Lumumba once said, “The problem with Africa is that those with ideas have no power and those with power have no ideas.” – with inclusive leadership, we would not be having this challenge.

  • Keeping it real.

I do me, at all times! In this digital age, where a lot of “successful people” are baring it all out there, some people suffer from a self-inflicted identity crisis as they fall into the trap of trying too hard to be like others. What’s wrong with people being their authentic selves and venturing into their own personal unique journeys?

  • Identify the true wind beneath your wings.

My husband, sons, parents, and siblings truly know how to bring out the superwoman in me. They have cheered me on throughout my career, and I always run to them for inspiration and wisdom.

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