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Get by with a little help from your friends

friendsAre you finding the road to health a tough one to walk alone? Why not enlist the help of a support team – friends or family with your best interests at heart who can help motivate you on bad days and cheer for you on good ones. Take a look at who to start adding to Team Health and make sure their pom-poms are at the ready! 

Your family 

Telling your family you’re trying to make healthier choices will only make your life easier in the long run. They’ll understand why you’re saying no to dessert and wine at functions, they’ll be able to provide alternative catering options so you won’t fall off the wagon and they’ll always be ready with hugs and a word of support. 

Your partner 

If you live with your partner you’ll have a built-in support system around you 24/7. While they might not appreciate having to train or eat healthier meals with you, they can certainly provide the emotional support you need when you feel your resolve wavering. And if they do agree to come on the occasional walk or two, it’ll be an added bonus! 

An accountability partner 

Need someone to walk around with you and slap the food out of your hand? Then you’re looking for an accountability partner – someone you can text when the need for cake becomes strong. Offer to do the same for them, and you’ll be part of a team committed to each other’s healthy choices through thick and thin. 

A training partner 

If you’re addicted to hitting the snooze button until it’s too late to train, then a gym buddy is what you need. While you might find it difficult to get up early for exercise, or go after work, knowing there’s someone there waiting for you can be the motivator you need to get your butt into gear. Plus you’ll have someone to drink coffee with afterwards, too!  

Your friends 

It goes without saying that your friends, along with your family, can be one of the biggest parts of your support team. However, some might not understand your change in lifestyle. Explain to those closest to you what you’re doing and why, and how they can help. Make them part of the process. You might even inspire them to change their own habits along the way! 

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