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The makeup trends South African women love

South African womenWith women taking centre stage this month, we asked L’Oréal’s Senior Brand Manager of Makeup, Melissa Lamberti to reveal what makes South African women unique and what beauty items we just can’t live without. “Working for an international brand that supports women globally, we always look at what trends are happening around the world. Then, recognising that South African women are unique, we marry the international trends with what women here really want,” explains Melissa. Here, she talks through what SA women are buying:

Matte finishes

“Matte is a trend that really resonates with the South African woman because of our climate and our skin types. It provides great coverage without making you look sweaty or oily. The move overseas is now moving toward dewy, light-wearing foundations but in SA, our mattifying foundation, Infallible (R230) is still a best seller.”

Lengthening mascaras

“In Europe and the US, we’re seeing that women are obsessed with volumised lashes. But here, our market is all about creating length. Our top selling mascara is L’Oréal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes (R229), which was launched in 2009 and is still number one.”

Bold lip shades

“South African women like high colour payoff rather than sheer, balm shades. The most popular colours are purples and reds (which is always a staple). Look out for lip ink trending coming which is a creamy matte finish.”

Colourful liners

“Next year, expect to see blues, purples and greens on the eyes. We see in the sales that women are more open to colours like sapphire blue in liners and mascaras as it makes your eyes pop and is especially flattering on darker complexions.”

Sculpting products

“Strobing and contouring will be on trend for as long as selfies are on trend. It’s about giving yourself that sculpted face. Women are getting more educated on how to apply it so the kits are proving to be popular.”

Fixing spray

“To get that long-lasting, mattifying finish women are flocking to buy our finishing spray. When we first brought it into the market we weren’t sure how it would do, but it’s become one of our top three bestsellers.” TRY L’Oréal Paris Infallible Fixing Spray (R220).

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