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5 tips on how-to exude confidence and beauty from the inside out thanks to Refilwe Modiselle

Model and entertainer Refilwe Modiselle exudes confidence and beauty from the inside out. Here, she shares how-to get it right for yourself as well as her favourite scents and valuable self-care tips.

GLAMOUR: Self-care is vital. What’s the one thing you’ll never compromise on?

REFILWE MODISELLE: I have two things I won't compromise on:

  1. My skincare is top tier. I was born with beautiful but sensitive skin via albinism, which requires extra-meticulous care.
  2. The well being of my spirit. I consistently, holistically, take care of my inner self because a nurtured spirit contributes to your mind, body and soul which people often neglect.

G: Which makeup and skincare products are on your shopping list?

RM: The latest iS Clinical Active Peel System (R1833) is a skin peel routine you can do at home if you can’t visit a salon for a full-skin peel treatment, and I also use iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50+ (R960). instead of using a heavy foundation, I opt for Dr Schrammek Blemish Balm Foundation Light (R875), which results in beautiful, natural-looking coverage.

G: Do you have any tips or beauty advice everyone should follow?

RM: Make a concerted effort to see a skin therapist. Advice from a professional helps you find the best treatment for your specific skin type instead of having a blanket approach.

G: One skincare technique you’re bomb at now, and one you’ve yet to perfect?

RM: I've mastered is having beautiful brows (laughs) and no longer feel like I need to cake on makeup. And following the correct steps for mu skincare routine morning and night. I still need help with blending my makeup - especially eye shadow because my eyesight sometimes hinders me from seeing perfectly! I’ve also mastered following the right steps when it comes to till need help with is blending my make-up especially eye shadow because my eyesight sometimes hinders me from seeing perfectly.

G: What would you tell your 18-year-old self?

RM: Finding your own beauty and skin care is a lifelong journey of trial and error. Pay attention to what works for you and what doesn't because ultimately you have to be happy with yourself more than what the world may expect of you. Also learn to nurture yourself from the inside out. True beauty and care starts with understanding and recognising the inner from a holistic perspective because that transcends to your outer. Above all remember self-love.

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