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7E Wellness establishes a conscious alternative for women in the male-dominated beauty market

While the international beauty industry has always catered primarily toward women, startling recent statistics show that the category is not largely defined or led by them - in fact, nearly 71 percent of the industry's leaders are male. With the female-centric space so controlled by men at the top, countless wants and needs of this target demographic have been left by the wayside in favor of money-making pursuits. It is yet another example of a patriarchal industry defining its own protocols without tuning into the needs of the demographic it serves.

In an effort to illuminate this issue, the founder of 7E Wellness, Pooja Johari, is subverting the norms of this male-dominated space to bring power back to the constituency it serves. Specifically, by bringing innovative microcurrent products made by women, for women to the market, 7E Wellness wants to bring its users a more conscientious alternative to their normal choices.

As more and more 21st-century women are looking for non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic alternatives, Johari has harnessed her expertise in holistic medicine and emerging technology to develop her own proprietary skincare devices – the MyoLift™ line – to give her users facelift-esque results from the comforts of their own home. With multiple versions of the device available to choose from, the 7E Wellness MyoLift™ microcurrent equipment helps treat fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenating the face in a simple manner that is safe for adults of all ages.

“We’ve dedicated a lot of time to ensuring that our products are easy to use and consistently effective,” said Johari. “There’s nothing subjective about what we created—you can plainly see the results. And getting started is overtly simple.”

While the company was originally founded in 2008, Johari has adapted with the times to appeal to new consumer standards and desires, designing a comprehensive smartphone application to accompany the MyoLift™ QT Plus that helps guide users through the process of using their device. Specially-crafted masks, made just for the MyoLift™, make for a hands-free experience and ease of use that similarly allows its users to relax and enjoy the skin-lifting process.

The at-home device has become particularly germane throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as social distancing measures and lockdown restrictions have prevented consumers from receiving treatments at clinics. Instead, 7E Wellness removes the need for an outsider’s intervention in women’s personal beauty space, allowing them to be fully self-empowered in their skincare pursuits.

With Johari at 7E Wellness’ helm, the international beauty market has gotten a much-needed feminine touch, making the industry as a whole more inclusive while bringing women game-changing skincare results in the process.

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