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Get to know the Beauty Awards Judges: Farah Khalfe

We’re reaching the end of our Glamour Beauty Awards reviewing phase, and before we announce our runner-ups and winners - we decided to catch up with a few of our judges to hear more about their experience on being part of the judging panel.

MEET GLAMOUR’S Digital Content Producer: Farah Khalfe

GLAMOUR: What did you enjoy most about being a judge for the Beauty Awards?

FARAH KHALFE: Discovering new products that I wouldn’t have otherwise found. I was introduced to and made aware of local and innovative beauty brands that I didn’t know of before and now I’m quite a fan of them.

GLAMOUR: How has this experience and exposure to the beauty industry changed your perception of skincare and makeup?

FARAH KHALFE: Many people have the perception that you can’t be too adventurous with your skincare. Once you find a routine or products that work for you, you may be less inclined to venture out and try new products. Being a judge gave me the opportunity to be more adventurous with my skincare. I’m not as hesitant to try out new products as I was before. I can venture out and find products that work for me other than what I currently use.

GLAMOUR: Are there any new steps/products that you’ll be incorporating into your skincare routine going into the future?

FARAH KHALFE: Previously, body scrubs weren’t really part of my daily routine. Going forward I would like to start incorporating a body scrub into my daily beauty routine because it’s been great for my skin.

GLAMOUR: What are you looking forward to doing this holiday?

FARAH KHALFE: Taking time out for myself and planning more pampering sessions.

GLAMOUR: One item on your Christmas wishlist?

FARAH KHALFE: I really like perfume. I don’t have any particular one in mind. Perfume is always a win in my books.

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