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12 Tips to perfect locks

Girls, prepare to take notes! Industry hair pros have let us in on their best hair tips and tricks. Read, learn and use these hair hacks if you want perfect locks. all. the. time.

1 Feed your hair from the inside

The easiest (and tastiest) way to boost your hair’s shine? To include hair-helping foods into your diet! Grind together flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts to sprinkle over your cereal, yoghurt or avocado. The oils and essential fats will give your locks a gloss factor.

2 Don’t strip oily hair

While it may be tempting to wash grease-prone locks every day, don’t! It strips your hair of it’s natural oils. Rather wash them every second day, stay away from moisture shampoos and try one of these styles.

3 Towel-dry BEFORE you condition

It helps get better coverage. Comb through to the ends with wide-tooth comb. Leave it on for five minutes, and rinse.

4 Use a light hand with product 

Moisturising creams are great for your hair, but be careful! Overdoing the routine can weigh down your locks.

5 Moisturise ethnic hair

When styling your natural curls, make sure to choose products that contain moisture. They’ll instantly help to fight frizz and unmanageability.

6 Soothe relaxed hair

The easiest way to stop relaxed ends from drying out is to use a heat protectant during styling. If you don’t, your style will fall flat and your ends will look frizzy.

7 Know your techniques 

Brush up on your terminology! Colour techniques like ombré and balayage take extra time in the salon but require less maintenance.

8 Treat your hair hue well 

Colour is like any other chemical, so the hair needs to be taken care of. A colour-protecting shampoo, conditioner and treatment will keep your colour fresh and help make your hair more manageable. They help put the nutrients back in the hair that were stripped during the process to restrengthen your locks.

9 Only recolour your roots 

Salon colour is effective as your stylist can just recolour your roots. Adding colour over the same area each time can lead to excessive hair damage.

10 Chop off split ends 

Split ends can’t be treated – they have to be cut. Avoid split ends by using a moisturising hair oil, and the correct shampoo and conditioner.

11 Change it up without losing length 

Fringes are back! It’s the simplest way to makeover your look without chopping it all off.

12 Shaving it off won’t make it thicker 

Contrary to the old wives’ tale you may have heard, shaving your head has no effect on how your hair grows!

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