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4 keys to maintaining and loving your coily type 4 hair

Image: Unsplash Maintaining  type 4 hair can be frustrating as hell, that's why we've created 4 easy ways to nurture this pretty obstinate hair. In the world of natural hair, type 4 hair is considered the most stubborn because of its coarseness. This hair is intensely coily and thin in nature, making it a bit challenging to maintain. However, with the right products and consistency, type 4 hair can be easily maintained. 

Here are 4 ways to maintain type 4 hair:


Kinky hair like type 4 may seem robust but it's actually the most fragile hair because of its fewer cuticle layers. With the right products such as ORS Olive Oil Fix It No Grease Creme Styler, you can do more in terms of styling without worrying about breakage.


Type 4 hair usually struggles to retain moisture that’s why coconut oil should be your best friend. The oil is a lightweight essential that enhances reflective luster without weighing the hair down. The rejuvenating properties of coconut oil help remove dead skin cells and renew the scalp.

Coconut oil. Picture: Supplied


Natural hair has a strikingly different texture from all hair types which is why you should use a creamy shampoo that is rich in oils. A good shampoo will help lock-in moisture for any textured hairstyle. It also acts as a good heat protector.


Some think that deep conditioning hair has to be done at least two times a month but with type 4 hair you have to do it almost every week. Adopting this kind of habit will help keep your hair healthy, bouncy, and shiny. Always opt for a conditioner that will prevent your hair from snagging and tangling. 


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