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Beauty meets innovation and science with O’Care Professional

Introducing O’Care Professional, a newly launched professional hair care brand that is salon exclusive and 100% black owned.

Launched in the South African market in December 2022, O'Care Professional products are well researched and formulated with professional-grade ingredients that are designed to meet the needs of all hair types.

The brand offers a wide range of products, including:


1. Lithium Hydroxide Relaxer Cream (2.5Kg) + Neutralising Shampoo (1L)


2. Oil Moisturiser 200ml

3. Activator Gel 200ml

4. Oil Sheen Spray ( non-aerosol) 200ml


5. Braid Spray Treatment 250ml


6. Hydra Hair Food 250ml

7. Hair Rescue Treatment 150ml

8. Hair Fiber Treatment 2.5Kg

9. Scalp Treatment 250ml


10. Bio-Silicone Serum 50ml


11. Salon Shampoo 2L

We are thrilled to launch O'Care Professional and to bring our high-quality products to everyone,” said Lutendo Magina, the founder and manufacturer of O'Care Professional. “Our products are designed to help people achieve their hair goals, whether they are looking to repair damaged hair, add volume, or create a sleek, smooth style.”

O’Care Professional products are tested in-house by a team of experienced hair stylists on a panel of different women with different hair types and conditions, with the main target of launching the best quality. “We are confident that our products are one of the best on the market” says David Khumalo, Head of Consumer and Performance Testing Department. “We have put our products through the most rigorous performance testing possible, and we are proud to offer them to our clients”.

Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

In addition to its commitment to providing high-quality hair care products, O'Care Professional is also committed to invest more in education of hair stylist by providing proper product application, techniques, and hair chemistry knowledge. “Our education team is formed to ensure that our hair stylists are always up to date with new product technologies and enforcing #going-back-to-the-basics of hairdressing “said Mduduzi Shongwe, the Head of Education.

O’Care Professional is proudly formulated and manufactured locally by Lutendo Magina, who is a Cosmetic Scientist with 15 years’ international experience in formulating, manufacturing, and regulation. Lutendo also owns a Magina R&D Consulting and Contract Manufacturing where all the magic behind O’Care Professional occurs.

The brand has committed to sustainability by investing more in partnership with leading raw materials manufactures to ensure the usage of sustainable ingredients whenever possible. “Our strong relationship with raw material manufactures makes us stay one step head with new technologies in the market” says Lutendo.

Since the brand was launched in December 2022, it has created a huge footprint in salons all over South Africa and neighbouring countries including Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland.

To locate the nearest salon or agent, visit and follow the steps.

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