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Here's How-to Get Your Skin Perfectly Prepped For The New Year


There are two things that I am genuinely invested in when it comes to beauty. That is my hair and my skin. There is nothing I won’t do to ensure that my hair is always in its best and healthiest state and that my skin is a non-negotiable investment that comes with no price tag. Sound a bit excessive? I know… But trust me when I say that if my hair and skin are not in order it doesn’t matter what items of clothing I may have on or the price tag that may come with it - I simply just won’t be 100% myself.

This time around, I’m here to talk about all things skin. For most of 2022, I’ve been using FOREO devices to amplify and elevate my skincare routine. And listen… when I say elevate my skincare routine I mean just that.

Don’t be deceived by these small devices. It’s true what they say that dynamite surely does come in small packages because that describes The FOREO Bear™ R4899 and FOREO LUNA 3 R3299 devices to the T!


It was love at first use. I don’t know my skincare routine without this little blue device that has found its home on what I call my beauty basket which is perfectly nestled right above my bathroom tap so it’s hard not to miss when you go about your business in the bathroom.

Sometimes I need to stop myself from ‘overusing’ this device as washing my face with just my hands/fingers is a thing of the past and just doesn’t have the same effect. Speaking of not having the same effect, I’m talking about removing 99.5% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue off your face - which yes, makes it more effective than cleansing with your hands (sorry - not sorry eeek!). Let’s talk about the fact that The LUNA 3 is compatible and can be used with a cleanser of your choice. I am fortunate enough to also own the FOREO Micro-Foam Cleanser R399 which I from time-to-time love using as a little goes a long way and I love the way it lathers. It makes my skin feel incredibly soft, supple, smooth and so hydrated!

You can use the LUNA 3 without the app but only in cleansing mode. You can connect to the FOREO app for customizable cleansing and targeted firming massages, as well as a more tailored skin workout. On the app, you can find a routine that works for you and your skin, and as a bonus, there are infographics to help guide you on how to use your device efficiently. It is really easy and user-friendly.

Featuring soft and hygienic silicone bristles which never need to be replaced and the device is also ergonomically designed so you’re in for a treat when it comes to deep cleaning, pore cleansing, and improves dullness and uneven texture, and also firms, and lifts. Super effective and gentle all at the same time!


I’ll admit I don’t use this device as often as I should. But what I love is that if I’m in a rush in the morning I can always use The FOREO Bear™ device in addition to my skincare routine, at night as you should only use it in a 24-hour cycle. I think I probably tell everyone that one of my absolute favourite things about this device is the T-sonic pulsations which act as a face massage element. I’m a real sucker for a facial massage (actually any type of massage) but the facial massage is a game-changer for me. To activate this function, all you need to do is double-tap the power button. The electric current stimulates the skin, encouraging cell renewal, and the device uses microcurrent technology to tighten, lift and smooth the skin, which is harder for topical treatments to achieve.

The Bear is really simple to use even though it might seem a bit intimidating. It operates on a three-minute cycle and switches off once the cycle is complete, which you can extend if you need more time. You can set the power intensity to your liking. The electrical intensity current levels vary from one to five, which is great as you can increase and decrease the intensity to suit your skin’s needs and preferences. The way it works is that A current passes through the steel balls on top of the device, which should easily glide over the skin. Move in slow and moderate strokes and apply medium pressure. There is no need to apply any pressure as the device does all the work! It’s no secret that this powerful device uses microcurrents this is to lift the facial muscles and plump up the skin. Those added vibrations we mentioned earlier that come in the form of T-sonic pulsations boost circulation and can do what a gua sha or jade roller can by depuffing those areas that need it. How’s that for a multi-use gem? You can learn more about how to use the FOREO Bear™ here.

Adding these devices to your skincare routine is going to be a game-changer for 2023!

FOREO is available at ARC, Takealot, Superbalist, and @home.

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