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SKIN SEASON: How-to Achieve Better Skin In Minutes With Foreo Devices!

I must admit, I love discovering new devices on the market, and even better trying them at home. Anything to maintain my home care skincare - especially when my budget just can’t allow me to go for professional treatments.

Being in the industry for nearly 8 years, you can imagine I’ve seen and tried out my fair share of skincare tools. Some to my amazement I still incorporate into my regimen and others... well let’s just leave that there.

I first heard of FOREO in 2019, and the very first device I used was a cerise pink LUNA 2 device. At the time I had never used anything quite like it. I was amazed that my skin felt so soft and supple almost instantly, and I tried my best to be consistent in using the device as often as possible.

Fast forward 3 years later, in 2022 I’ve added the LUNA 3 and Microcurrent Bear device to my regimen. It’s safe to say that my skincare routine can never, and will never be the same again!

When using the FOREO devices, you’ll see that #Self-care doesn’t only have to be on Sunday’s - but will form part of every day of your week - with minimal effort!


As I mentioned the LUNA cleansing device was what I could call my first love, and I’m still loving her to this day. I’ve upgraded to a cute baby blue LUNA 3, Which my husband thought should belong to him. But he very quickly learned whose the boss was. The LUNA 3 can be used and yes it’s compatible with any cleanser of your choice (which is really great, right?) I’m talking about removing 99.5% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue off your face - which yes, makes it more effective than cleansing with your hands (sorry - not sorry)

You can tailor it to your skincare needs on the app which has visual graphics of your face and shows you the areas and types of strokes to use for the best results. For everyday usage (which is me). You can just power on your device and use it in circular motions. With the T-sonic pulsations, it deep cleans your pores and the various intensity levels allow for a customising cleansing experience. Those soft and hygienic silicon bristles that the device is made from, is ultra gentle on your skin and the device is 100% waterproof so you can use it in the shower too! And I can guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that you will instantly feel a difference in your skin. It will be soft… make that ultra soft, supple and plump. Using this device really helps when your pocket can’t afford professional treatment - and to be honest, it really does everything it needs to do and so much more.



I know at first glance this little device looks a bit intimidating but trust me, once you get into it - it’s really so simple! You can use this device in addition to your morning or evening skincare routine. Do make sure that you use this device in a 24-hour cycle period though! This device helps to tone and sculpt all the muscles in your face and also helps plump up your skin and tone it.

The t-sonic pulsations add as a face massage which is something I absolutely love! (I’m a real sucker for any massage and especially a facial massage lately.) In order to activate this function all you have to do is double-tap your power button. The lights shown underneath the power button are for the intensities, you are able to adjust the intensity according to your skincare needs.

Make sure your face is already cleansed when using this device. My advice is to work section by section as your face needs to remain wet when using the device. Start by wetting your face and then applying your serum. Another benefit is that FOREO offers a serum you can use in conjunction with the device. As I mentioned you need to act fast and ensure your face doesn’t dry because when the microcurrent is not being conducted properly you won’t get the full effect - which means that it really won’t work. You don’t need to apply any pressure when gliding the device across your face. You can go in with five strokes and it will be sufficient.

So if you haven’t gathered by now you can easily do this treatment at home. We’re talking about a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and an increase in radiance and smoothness all thanks to those tiny electrical currents that gently stimulate the muscles in your face that deliver spa-level contouring and toning results.

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