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How to prevent your lipstick from smudging under your mask

While wearing a mask in public is still mandatory, we can at least get a breather when sitting down for a meal at a favourite restaurant or cautiously spending time with friends and family.

We’re finally able to dress up again and enjoy the simple pleasures of applying make-up.

During the hard lockdown, lipstick became redundant and sat on the shelf collecting dust.

We simply had no use for any of the fabulous bold colours and the classic reds we had in our collection.

Who needed lipstick when all we did was stay at home and when we did go out we never took off our masks regardless of where we were.

Thankfully, we can now dust off our favourite lipsticks and add a bit va-va-va-voom to our make-up looks. Especially since the eyes got all the attention while our mouths were covered up.

However, it’s become trickier to do so.

You’ve done your make-up to perfection. Lipstick applied like a pro. Now you have to cover it up with a mask between leaving home and finally sitting down at your dinner table or arriving at an event.

Sure you can apply your lipstick after you’ve removed your mask, but there aren’t many women who feel comfortable just whipping out their lipstick at the table.

On the other hand, there’s the possibility that your lipstick could be smudged when you remove your mask. Not a good look!

However, there are a few tricks to mask-proof your lipstick.

Chose the correct lipstick formula

There’s no point in even trying to wear high-gloss lipstick. We’ve all the experience of having gloss or even lip balm sticking to the inside of your mask. Imagine what intense-red lipstick would look like smudged all over your mouth? Not great.

Thank goodness for stay-fast lipsticks. They are your best bet. Especially those with a matte finish. If you find that they tend to dry out your lips, be sure to gently exfoliate and hydrate your lips before using them.

Don’t forget lip liner

Lip liner might not be a regular part of your lip application routine but it really does make a difference when it comes to creating a more defined edge. It gives your lipstick a sharper look and prevents your lip colour from bleeding.

Use setting powder

If matte or stay-fast formulas don’t work for you then applying some loose powder over your lipstick will help it stay in place a bit longer. In the same way that you set the rest of your make-up, lightly brush some powder over your lips.

This article was originally published in IOL.

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