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NIVEA Celebrates Your Shade of Beautiful

Your skin is unique to you, and that alone is worth celebrating. There are countless reasons to honour your skin however, as it holds the key to your identity and strength. Part of that celebration is an inspired community of so many diverse shades of beautiful. And that’s why we love and applaud NIVEA for meeting the often-overlooked needs of melanin-rich skin.

Targeting the specific concerns of darker skin tones, NIVEA is helping women chase that confidence-boosting glow. It’s truly about celebrating all skin!

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The Skin You’re In

Beauty and lifestyle digital creator Vongai Mapho, describes skin as “glorious.” Is that how you feel about yours? Vongai and four other influential South African women are at the forefront of the inspiring campaign – and they’re all speaking out about their experiences of skin and beauty. Confidence came up as a strong theme. Author, Goodwill Ambassador, Miss SA 2020, and Glamour’s Wellness Issue Cover Star, Shudufhadzo Musida notes that it’s human nature to seek validation from the world, and affirms that “the only person who can validate you, is you.”

Let’s talk smart solutions for those struggles that may be making you feel less than your best. According to Shudu, her skin is her crown, “and when I protect it with quality products that help to give it that sheer skin tone, texture and glow, I feel super confident in my melanin skin no matter the occasion.” What’s her new go-to? NIVEA’s Radiant & Beauty range for nourishment and protection of every shade of beautiful.

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The Real Deal

Targeting dryness, dullness and ashy-looking skin, together with the appearance of stretch marks and uneven skin tone, NIVEA’s Radiant & Beauty is a results-driven collection of body products for women looking for care that meets their specific needs. Far from being a one-size-fits all formula, Radiant & Beauty treats melanin-rich skins expertly, with scientific formulations that tackle specific skin issues. How does campaign star, award-winning influencer, businesswoman and style icon Aisha Baker explain it? “I have renewed confidence knowing my skin is instantly relieved from dryness, and beautifully moisturised!”

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So, what’s in the body products that give them their wow-factor? NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Advanced Care is a blend of five botanical oils and five vitamins, able to absorb deeply into skin for 48-hour nourishment, smoothness and stretch mark reduction after 2 weeks. For those women needing to up their even-tone game, NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Even Glow boosts skin needing extra radiance, it works on areas of your body that are drier and darker like elbows, knees and knuckles. It helps to even out the skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark marks, brighten the skin and improve skin texture. Ingredients like pure Vitamin C (at 95%), Pearl Extract and Turmeric, give your body skin a more unified, illuminated look and refined texture. The built-in SPF15 UV protection guards against further pigmentation.

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Together with powerhouses Vongai, Aisha and Shudu, SAMA-winning R&B pop sensation Shekhinah and Miss SA Top 10 finalist and former NIVEA SKINFLUENCER 2020/1 winner Anarzade Omar, make up the five, inspirational faces (and yes, bodies), of this very meaningful campaign. Sensational? More than!

Catch a glimpse of the BTS to the Radiant & Beauty Photoshoot here

NIVEA’s Radiant & Beauty Advanced Care and Radiant & Beauty Even Glow are available at selected retailers nationwide.

Find more information about your shade of beautiful here


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