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Rihanna's inclusive skin-care

Rihanna didn't want anyone to "feel excluded" from her new skincare range and was determined to make it gender neutral.

Rihanna didn't want anyone to "feel excluded" from her new skincare range.

The 32-year-old star features A$AP Rocky, Halima Aden, and Paloma Elsesser in the new campaign for Fenty Skin and she was adamant that her new product would be gender neutral.

Rihanna told US Vogue: "Skin is skin. Everybody has skin, and everybody should take care of it, so I never approached skincare or making this line from a gender standpoint. I didn't want anyone to feel excluded or be excluded.

"Skin-care is self-care. I am trying to get people into a ritual. Something that's really simple - three steps. We start there because skin care can get really complicated. It can get confusing, so I wanted to start with something that would be easy to understand so that people can get right to it."

And Rihanna revealed that she has taken inspiration from Barbados, where she grew up, for the line, which features Barbados cherry, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide.

She said: "As an Island girl, I've had a lot of access to key ingredients that work really well for your skin. I might've just thought [of it as] a fruit I was eating, but these things that we have access to everyday implement great results on your skin. A lot of them are personal to me, but I know that these ingredients work, and so I try to pack as many of those into these products as much as possible.

"When I started to find out the benefits as I got older, I would go back home and I would literally just have a cold and the first thing that you'll drink when you have a cold is a Barbados cherry juice, because it has so much Vitamin C in it, more than even an orange. I wanted to implement that into skincare because I know that Vitamin C is a key part of good skin."

This article was originally published on Bang Showbiz

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