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This new Milk Makeup is already garnering so much buzz on TikTok

It’s probably the beauty novelty that gets people talking the most! With already more than 44 million views on TikTok, the launch of Milk Makeup's Cooling Water Jelly Tint is intense. And for good reason, it has even contributed to the emergence of a new beauty trend which will probably be widespread this summer: “jelly makeup”, giving pride of place to these makeup products which look like candy.

Only released in France for a few months, it seems to be winning all the votes, as evidenced by the figures communicated by the brand: the first stocks of the Cooling Water Jelly Tint sold out on the Sephora website in less than 24 hours, which resulted in a waiting list of more than 60,000 people worldwide. Now sold every 20 seconds around the world, this gelatinous stick is intriguing. Its astonishing texture is partly due to a combination of vegan collagen (with firming properties), seawater and aloe vera for hydration. All in a 90% natural formula.

The enthusiasm around Cooling Water Jelly Tint cannot be explained only by its regressive aspect. On the skin too, it stands out in many ways. Like the famous Lip + Cheek which made the American brand famous, this clever stick without material effect is multi-use by spreading on both the cheeks and the lips.

Available in four colors, each more sparkling than the other (vitamin orange “Spritz”, poppy red “Burst”, candy pink “Chill” or even raspberry “Splash”) to match a maximum of skin tones, its tour de force lies in its ease of application. Our only recommendation would be to blend the pigments directly using a brush or sponge to obtain a fresh and natural result, similar to the natural glow of the skin after a breath of fresh air. Be careful though, the formula dries very quickly. It is therefore necessary to work on the material quite quickly in order to attenuate it. Last advice? In summer, don't hesitate to store it in the refrigerator for even more freshness...

@alejayofficial Here are tips on how to underpaint using the new @milkmakeup cooling water jelly tints. These cool blushes are so bouncy and feel like jelly, but the best part is they glide on super smoothly ☺️✨#milkmakeuppartner #liveyourlook ♬ original sound - Ale Jay

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