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Q&A: Shudu Musida on her beauty secrets, self-care and everything in between

Glamour Women of the Year Mental Health Game Changer award-winner and Nivea ambassador Shudu Musida’s best-kept beauty secret? Sleep. She talks about achieving her goals and why prioritising self-care and being well-rounded is important.

Glamour: What’s your beauty philosophy?

Shudu Musida: I think inner beauty is as important as how you look on the outside.

G: Self-care is essential. Name one thing you’ll never compromise.

SM: Sleep is necessary for physical and mental health, so I don’t mind taking a day off of things.

G:Share your favourite beauty advice everyone should follow.

SM: Sleep, water and sunscreen.

Shudu Musida, Photography: Antonia Steyn

G:What’s the greatest fear you’ve had to overcome?

SM: The fear of failure. I used to be afraid of defeat so much I wouldn’t even attempt things if I thought I’d lose, including Miss South Africa, but I did it, succeeded, and my life changed forever.

G:What’s the best advice you’ve received to date, and who gave it to you?

SM: Things happen when they’re supposed to, and I should stop trying to control the things I can’t. I learned that from the Bible.

G:What would you say to your 18-year-old self?

SM: I’d tell her that even with all her quirks, she’s enough.

G:What makes you feel free?

SM: The ability to choose the things that make me happy, be it people or career choices. There’s beauty in being able to say no, not because you can’t but because you choose not to.

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