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This latest fragrance from Montblanc is an ode to unforgettable women

The latest fragrance from Montblanc, Signature, is an ode to unforgettable women and exudes femininity, purity and mystery.

So much goes into crafting a fragrance, from the source of its scent notes to the inspiration behind the design of the perfume bottle. The latest fragrance from Montblanc, Signature, is devoted to magnetic and remarkable women who leave a lasting impression on everyone they come across.

Montblanc chose French essayist Diane Ducret to embody the Signature woman. Diane is a writer inspired by women and is known for writing the bestsellers, Femmes de Dictateur and La Chair Interdite. She famously overcame her injuries sustained from a serious horse-riding accident by writing, using it as a therapy to reconnect with the world.

“I like that we are using a writer to craft a fragrance. I think there’s something quite poetic about it, I really like the idea. Fragrance plays a huge role in my life. As an accessory, obviously, as well as a work of art, not to mention a source of inspiration. When we write, we have a kind of curiosity, an openness to the world and senses constantly on the alert. I think smell is such a powerful sense, linked to faith of the heart, intelligence, skin... Ultimately, it connects all the other human perceptions.”, said Diane.

When asked to define a scent, Diane said, “It’s a bit like a book. It’s like being an alchemist of elements, pulling together different scents, words that seem disparate, words of anger, love, the warm and the cold, and making something harmonious. Stronger and surprising scents can sometimes overwhelm us. In my mind, there are many similarities between fragrance and books.”

The Montblanc Signature fragrance was created by the talented perfumers Guillaume Flavigny and Natalie Gracia-Cetto. Signature intermingles the sensuality of enveloping vanilla with a contrasting “clean” facet of musks, creating an addictive, chic, deliciously feminine trail.

“With this appeal and elegance, I wanted to infuse more light, more breath and transparency”, says Natalie Gracia-Cett

On the skin, the scent reveals a more enigmatic and captivating facet, voluptuous oriental vanilla rising with an enchanting magnolia and sunny ylang-ylang middle note. Amber and creamy benzoin bring a soft and sensual side to the perfume.

The Montblanc Signature bottle was designed by Mark Eisen. The opalescent bottle is a tribute to the iconic inkwell, part of Montblanc’s heritage and the golden details, borrowed from the iconic “Meisterstück” writing instrument, underline the elegance of the object. Just like the pen cap, the bottle is crowned with a star-shaped emblem. This star of gold showcases the bottle’s femininity. To begin writing the day’s new chapter, simply open the bottle.

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