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Bonang Matheba spotted at New York Fashion Week

September 8 was the opening day of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), and South Africa’s very own Bonang Matheba was one of the guests on two shows.

The founder of House Of BNG, who now resides in New York, was invited to the PatBo and Prabal Gurung shows, where she sat front row.

At the PatBo show that took place at the Le Pavillon, Matheba donned a colourful summer dress by a designer. PatBo is a Brazilian brand founded on the art of embroidery and original prints.

After that, she changed and went out for lunch with friends. At the Prabal Gurung’s show, she wore a black sparkling dress and silver sparkling heels to witness the launch of the American Girl Spring 2022 Collection.

“The Spring 2022 Collection reimagines canonical ideas of nationality, gender, and beauty through my lens of unabashed optimism and unadulterated hope.

“America has always been a woman - but she has not always been treated beautifully. What does it mean to be the most essential person in this country? What is feminine? What is American? And who gets to be it all - or none of it?

“The marches, protests, and legislative advocacy in the past year have served as continued sources of inspiration - after all, it's too often that unwanting victims are the ones to solve the problems we're all handed.

“This isn't new: I've always been inspired by women as well as my feminine-leaning friends; those who boldly define what "feminine" in itself is, how "beautiful" is shaped, who should control her own body, and which voices must be heard to challenge every form of injustice,” read a statement by Gurung.

The NYFW will last until September 12.

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