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Elsa Majimbo collaborates with Valentino on new book, The Alphabet for Kids and Adults

Multi-award winning comedian Elsa Majimbo just bagged another collaboration with Italian luxury fashion company, Valentino.

In February this year, the Kenyan star made a hint that she’s working with the brand, and many of us thought they’ll be revealing a collection of clothes, but that was not the case.

Instead, Majimbo took to Instagram to share a behind the scenes video directed by Sokhaya Mbiko.

In the video, she is donning Valentino couture as styled by Thobeka Mbane and takes her fans through how she would reveal the project.

She first starts by stating that this campaign is important because it’s her entry into high fashion.

She continues to say it has to be perfect, so she wants to start with a pitch-black room, and then the lights go off.

Cinematic music starts playing in the background until the lights beam from behind, and as she is slowly revealed, she turns to the camera and says “hello high fashion” and then giggles.

“Elsa has arrived, then the wind starts blowing in my hair. Then I’ll talk about my collaboration with Valentino. I’ll talk about how it’s not a clothing collaboration like everyone expects, it’s a book. For children and parents. And then, I’ll reveal the book.

“Wait, it needs to be more interesting than that. The book will drop from above and then I’ll look into the camera and say ‘The alphabets for kids and adults’. A collaboration by Valentino and me. Then fade black. Then I’ll have the Valentino logo and my name pop up,” said Elsa in her short film.

Majimbo’s book was written by herself, with the help of Mohamed Mokheirs, presented by Valentino.


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